Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sunny Days are Here Again

It's one thing to travel to a new land temporarily (everyone knows I'm up for that type of adventure), but moving to a new city can sometimes leave me feeling like this:

Aristide Maillol
That's why it was a welcome surprise to wake up to gleaming sunshine and summer weather.  We decided to venture to the Nasher Sculpture Center in downtown Dallas and take advantage of this gift from the gods during the holiday season.

It was fascinating to see the sculptures from artists that are mostly renowned for their paintings, as well as classics from Rodin.

Willem de Kooning

Love the minimalist interior with floor to ceiling windows, I could move right in...

Paul Gaugin-the Tahitian influence gives it away

Pablo Picasso
This sculpture by Pablo Picasso is reminscent of one of his most famous works:

There is nothing like a warm, sunny day, full of engaging activities, exotic margaritas, and lunching under orange umbrellas to make me feel like I'm at home.


  1. great post, great photos-enjoyed seeing the culture of Dallas

  2. Love the is unfamiliar to us in San Diego during the past 8 days :)